Now that Memorial Day Weekend is in the rear-view mirror, and schools are finally out – It’s officially the start of summertime in southeast Minnesota!

I, for one, am welcoming it with open arms, and that's mainly because I’m slowly seeing the classic signs of summer. Things that occur only around this time of year and particularly in the Rochester area...

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    Town Festivals!

    Whether it's Viola Gopher Count or our very own Rochesterfest – Summer is all about those fantastic town festivals!  Pick any given weekend and you could either be going to a car show, pancake feed, or street fair.  Heck, you can even enjoy the local Farmer’s Market (which feels like it's own little festival) every Saturday on 4th St & 4th Ave. Whatever you’re in the mood for – concerts, and/or fairs etc… It’s likely happening near you!

  • Credit: North Broadway Dairy Queen
    Credit: North Broadway Dairy Queen

    The Local Dairy Queen's Lines are Always Long!

    Is there anything better than an Oreo Blizzard with your best friend when it's 80+ degrees outside? Nope.

  • Scotty Matthews/TSM Rochester
    Scotty Matthews/TSM Rochester

    Patio Season is in FULL Force

    Rochester is home to dozens of beautiful patio’s – But good luck getting a seat on any of them when it’s sunny and 70+ degrees!  Your best bet to score one is usually in between meal-times, or you’ll be stuck on the waiting list and missing out on some valuable vitamin D!

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    Road Construction is Back

    Yuck. I had to put it on the list because it’s as sure a sign of summer as any!  All the closed roads and detours are enough to drive anyone mad (excuse the pun) but it needs to get done every year. Just make sure to take a deep breath and leave yourself some extra time during your morning or evening commutes to make it to your destination on time, and you’ll survive it just like everyone else.


    Thursday’s on First & 3rd are Back!

    Saving the best for last! This weekly event is one of, if not THE highlight of the summer in Rochester!

    Where else can you enjoy over 100 different food and craft vendors and six chances each time to catch live music on two different stages – EVERY WEEK? The Answer: No where.

    Thursdays on First & 3rd is just one HUGE party, and everyone’s invited… if you ask me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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