A Fox News report says there are 5 items you should avoid touching in hotel rooms.

Their report includes the remote control, the ice bucket, the comforter, the phone and the bathroom counter. Read why you should avoid those items here.

We asked our listeners what's the strangest/weirdest thing they've ever found in a hotel room and some of the stories were downright disgusting.

Jaime Colsrud said , "Someone had spit loogies on the ceiling right above the beds."

Alicia Ober said, "Pulling back the sheets and seeing them not ever changed and was full of blood."

Elizabeth Platts said she found "Chicken in the dresser."

The grossest thing I ever saw in a hotel room was in Kansas City. When I entered the room I saw hair everywhere! It looked like someone had taken clippers and shaved their entire body. There was hair all over the bathroom and scattered throughout the entire room.

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