If there was ever a Vikings game I had to catch this season, I'm glad that it was this one!

First of all, I need to thank you guys for the tips you gave me last week. I used a lot of them! One of the first ones I (and my Saints loving friends who stayed with us for the week) used was parking at Ft. Snelling station and taking the train into U.S. Bank Stadium. IT WAS SO EASY!

TSM Rochester

Just prepare to feel like a sardine, and to observe the occasional kitten. Yeah - someone seriously brought a kitten onto the train for unknown reasons.

Anyway - here's a few other things I learned that I didn't mention last week.

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    Viking fans ARE LOUD.

    ..and they are loud in a good way! Every down is a celebration, and every SKOL chant is filled with enthusiasm.

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    Viking fans are friendly.

    If we're being honest, my Saints loving friends didn't receive the typical dose of Minnesota nice. However, I had no problems :-) Go figure!

    In fact, some of you offered to share your beer with me! Thanks!

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    There's still a lot of love for Randy Moss.

    I understand that this special night for Randy was previously planned, but it was awesome to see that there was still a lot of love for him shown via jerseys, signs, and plenty of "straight cash, homie!" moments.

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    Firstly, it was cool to see Randy Moss blow into at all. Secondly, that thing is REALLY loud, and I know it adds to the excitement of the game.

    Kudos to the Vikes for really owning their culture!

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    Only "SKOL!" when it's appropriate.

    You know, as in during the actual chant. Screaming it randomly is perceived passively.