When I saw the headline I assumed it would be a night with Adam Levine or maybe a relaxing bath with a bottle of wine. Nope - it's quitting their job! More than half of women think about turning in their notice at least once a month.

Lifehacker.com published this article which might help you determine if you should quit. You obviously shouldn't burn bridges but you shouldn't stay at a job you hate just because you're afraid of change. Leonard Schlesinger, the president of Babson College and co-author of Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future was quoted in the article: "I find a lot of people paralyzed by their unhappiness with their current reality. It's often easier to stay put. Most people stay too long in bad jobs because the corporate world is geared towards keeping us in roles, not matching individuals up with their ideal roles."

You spend a third of your life at work so you owe it to yourself to be somewhere that you enjoy.

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