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The Great Minnesota Get-Back-Together is coming up super quickly. I'm extremely excited to get back to the Minnesota State Fair this year (I'm a huge fan in case you can't tell). In anticipation of the 2021 Minnesota State Fair coming up, I decided to do a little research about all of the food that you can get at the fair ON A STICK. Because that's one thing we love most about the fair, all of the unnecessary food that ends up on a stick for fun!

I already have the Minnesota State Fair app downloaded on my phone so I'm ready when the fair opens. And on the app, I was able to check out all of the food vendors and I found what I think is all of the food vendors that are selling something on a stick. It's entirely possible I missed some but I think I did a pretty good job collecting 65 of them!

65 Foods On a Stick You Can Get at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching! Plan out your trip and take a look at the foods on a stick that you can find at the Great Minnesota Get-Together in 2021.

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