You read that headline correctly, 7 out of 10 Minnesotans are NOT drinking while working at home. According to 31% of Minnesotans are having a drink during working hours while 'working' from home.

According to, they surveyed 3,000 workers about whether or not they were having a drink during work hours. With so many people working from home, it might not be surprising to find out some are having a drink to go with that conference call. also cited that beer was the drink of choice, and that "one-fifth of respondents stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation."

The state with the highest response of drinking during work hours was Hawaii at 67%, the second-highest total was Connecticut at 60%.

Around the Midwest, Minnesota falls right in line with its neighbors. Wisconsin was at 32%, North Dakota 38%, South Dakota 22%, and Iowa must know how to work from home as they came in at 47%.

If you were curious, the state with the lowest percentage of residents having a drink during work hours was Maine, they came in at 17%. You can see the whole map of the US with the results below.

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