I know, I know, people want to see something cool. While it might not be "cool" I will certainly pass it off as "interesting". I'm super excited to be joining the KROC team and be entertaining you during the midday. It's like joining the dream team.

There are tons of "interesting" things I could probably share about me but I'll give you these 7 as standouts that you probably wouldn't have guessed.

1) I used to be a cosmetologist
Yup, I was a hair gal. It was my first hobby I made a "job". I was able to capitalize on the PSEO program by going to St. Paul Technical College during my senior year of high school because I had all my credits needed to graduate. My dad will tell you his investment here will forever give him free haircuts.

2) I went to college for 7 years, yes I know they're called doctors.
If you haven't seen Tommy Boy than we can't be friends. But for real, my 7 years of perpetual learning got me a degree in both Marketing and Event Management. Why 7 years? Well, 2 degrees takes time and to top it off, I had a little girl during my final stretch and she deserved a mom that would show up and finish what she started.
3) I used to own my own business, 2 in fact.
I have entrepreneurship in my blood. Young in my career I was able to align myself with the right opportunities to take over ownership and later sell Go2Wed.com, a wedding planning website for Southeastern Minnesota. I also helped clients connect with customers through marketing consulting and hosted  (with the the ladies of Townsquare, actually) the Sip N Shop Soiree event in Rochester with TRIO Marketing.
4) Dancing is in my blood. I used to dance, teach and coach
Since my debut of "Mickey" with a costume complete with mouse ears, I've been shaking it to anything with a beat. I was a proud AVaire (my high school team), danced with my company to the Sugar Plum Fairy and coached the KoMette Dance Team for a few years. I sure do miss it.
5) I ran a babysitters club
Like I already said, business is in my blood. The itch started early in life. Instead of babysitting (which I really didn't enjoy if I'm honest), I had an index card file with families and all their kids info like foods they'll eat, games they love, and ages. A mom would call me and I would match them with a babysitter free for that night. Of course I took a cut. I was the matchmaker for busy parents.
6) I tickle the ivories
With a mom as a piano teacher I don't know that I really had a choice but I can say now that I'm glad to have this talent in my back pocket. I've been playing piano since before my feet could reach the pedals. I don't get to play often even though I have one at my house but it's just like riding a bike when I do get the chance.
7) I originated in Rochester
I'll claim the cities as my stomping grounds all day long. It's where I spent most of my life. I grew up in the Valley. Apple Valley that is. But I was actually born at the good old Mayo Clinic and lived in Kasson until I was 4. Here I am back again to where it all started and I couldn't be happier that I get to not only raise my kids here but get to share all of it with all of you amazing people!

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