Rochester, Minnesota Residents Speak Up About the Most Annoying Things in Town

If you've ever spent some time in Rochester, Minnesota, there are probably a few things that have annoyed you.  If not, let me introduce you to a few of the most popular answers that came out of peoples' mouths immediately when asked, "What annoys you about Rochester?".

23 Annoying Things About Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, Minnesota is home of the mighty Mayo Clinic, and we are so thankful for the experts saving lives each day. One thing people don't really talk about though is the annoying things that happen in the Med City. It's not all bandaids with pretty smiley faces on it. Annoying things DO happen here.

I'm sure that there are quite a few things that need to be added to this list, so what did I miss?  Let me know by sending me a message over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

Special Note to All Who Walk Outside in Rochester, Minnesota

On a side note for all those who are "the walkers" in our community, especially the jaywalkers...please wear something that is reflective.

I drive downtown when it is very dark and it never fails, someone walks in front of my car (not always in the crosswalk) and I had no idea they were there because they are wearing such dark clothing.  This isn't just a downtown issue though.  People in neighborhoods are walking dogs or out for a stroll as it is getting dark outside and before you know it, the sun is down and very dark.

I would love for you to stay safe so if you could throw a light on your forehead or wear a stripe that reflects, you'd be doing all of us a favor.  Well, actually yourself, because then we won't accidentally hit you.  TIA

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