Most 8-year-olds spent the weekend playing with legos or riding bikes. Elliot Burgos went to prom... and won prom king.

Elliot, from Mason City, isn't like most 8-year-olds. He's a warrior. Burgos is battling brain cancer that has spread to his spine.  KIMT reports, "Burgos was recently accepted into a special clinical trial that can be done in California or Illinois, which doctors would use the measles virus to try to kill the cancer cells. His parents said their son's trial has been delayed because of paperwork. Right now, they're considering treatments including a holistic approach for care."

The video above shows Elliot arriving to Prom with his older brother - in matching tuxedos! Elliot said he was excited to be a part of the special night and to get to go dancing!

You can support the family by visiting the website, 

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