There are lots of kids out there that want to "play house." They want a little Easy Bake Oven and a play lawnmower. How about a kid vacuum that ACTUALLY works?!! I love this idea. My kiddo has been dipping his feet in the chores world a lot more lately, and has been obsessed with helping to shovel the driveway and laundry - it's amazing!

Most of the time when you buy a toy like this, it's more for looks. It gives your kid the illusion of helping, but it doesn't actually do anything except make noise right? Like those obnoxious popping vacuums we had as kids - eesh. Dyson has a vacuum designed for your kid with YOU in mind. And it's actually super affordable.

The Dyson kid's vacuum is powered by C batteries and made to look like the roller ball model. It's available at Bed Bath and Beyond (at least on their website) for $29.99, or on Amazon for $31.65.

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