It was a story that had the whole world talking. A story with an ending not many were expecting. And now we are going to see it in a whole new light - in the form of a documentary! Including, possibly, an interview with Jayme herself (100% speculation. Has not been confirmed, nor denied).

Every time a new article would hit the web, I would read it. I wanted to know more. I also just want to give Jayme a hug, as I think we all do. At 13 years old, witness your parents being killed in front of you, and then kidnapped? I can't even imagine! And for what reason?

According to the Chippewa Herald, a newspaper from Jayme's home state of Wisconsin, the documentary is promising to have "new details" and "exclusive interviews with key players." The network indicated that the documentary will feature missing-persons advocate Elizabeth Smart’s interviews with people involved with Jayme’s case.

The 90-minute documentary will be titled "Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case" and will air on Lifetime April 27th at 7p.

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