Most of us have probably been to a bachelorette party (I just went to my first one a couple weeks ago!). If you haven't been to one yet, you understand the premise at least: the bride-to-be gets together with a bunch of girlfriends and they have tons of fun playing cheesy games, hitting up the bars, etc. etc.

And then we have the baby shower. Again there are usually games but they're usually a little more family friendly since you have your friends in attendance but also family members (including your grandma). There are cute snacks, you open sweet gifts, and maybe even guess the gender of the baby! Baby showers are definitely more subdued than bachelorette parties.

But wait! What if someone wants to celebrate the fact that they're having a baby but still also want to have the fun that you have at bachelorette parties? That's where the hatchelorette party comes in! (bachelorette + hatching a human. Get it?!)

A hatchelorette party combines the fact that you're celebrating your pregnancy (like a baby shower) accompanied by a crazy amount of fun (like a bachelorette party)! says that "much like a 'babymoon,' the hatchelorette is an unconventional celebration for your pregnancy." Sounds like a good time to me! It's a great way to hang out with your girlfriends and family members, and have an awesome time together before your baby is born. Once the baby comes, you, unfortunately, have much less time to spend with friends and extended family, so a hatchelorette party is a great way to celebrate with everyone before your little nugget comes!

Do you think hatchlorette parties will become popular in Rochester?


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