To say 2020 has been a complete dumpster fire seems like an understatement. It's been an awful year for most and the early reports on winter didn't give us much to look forward to. A La Nina advisory was issued and forecasters called for a snowier, colder than average winter.

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No one really batted an eye because at this point we're all used to negative news, but Mother Nature might actually end up giving us a break this winter. The Weather Channel just updated their long-term prediction and now says most of the country will experience a mild winter. They say, "Parts of Montana and North Dakota are the only areas where somewhat colder than average temperatures are expected."

This month's weather could signal how the rest of winter will go for us according to the Weather Channel. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company said, "This November has been mild in many parts of the U.S. so far. Warm La Niña Novembers like this year tend to be followed by similarly mild conditions in winter."

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Their long-term forecast calls for above-average temps in Southeast Minnesota for December, January, and February. You can read more about their prediction for winter here.  

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