This is super sad, you guys!

Bert Blyleven and Dick Bremer have been doing commentary for FSN (Fox Sports North) for over 20 seasons, but for the first time in 15 years they'll no longer be announcing Minnesota lottery winners. Worse yet, Blyleven announced on Twitter Tuesday that he'll no longer be roaming through the stands honoring the extremely popular "Circle Me Bert" signs during Twins games!

It's unclear if Blyleven is completely done with circling fans who bring signs to the park or if the Minnesota Lottery simply isn't sponsoring it anymore, but it's still completely disappointing as a fan who frequently watches the games on TV to not see Bert do is thang.

In fact, I've made several "Circle Me Bert" signs myself - one of those being one for the day I proposed to my wife, Danielle:

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

I'm not the only one who's bummed out, as Twitter is having a hey-day over it! You can read all the nasty and angry tweets HERE.

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