As we gear up for our next visit from the President of the United States this evening in Rochester, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Kevin Torgerson would like to remind those attending the rally, or avoiding it entirely, to be kind to each other with this special message:

(Fast forward to 2:00 mark to bypass all the parking and road congestion stuff)

If you take away anything from Sheriff Torgerson's message, it's this: Be good to each other. I personally want to hammer that into your brains as much as I can below.

I moved back to Rochester three years ago so I could work here, and start a family because I believe this city is so great. We welcome people of different cultures from all around the world because of our world renowned knowledge of medicine at Mayo Clinic, but I also believe we have so much more to offer visitors than just that because our friendly neighborhood is so welcoming.

My biggest fear with President Trump visiting tonight is that somehow, some way, we make the national news tomorrow for more than just the rally because of a few dough-heads ruining what many see as a chance to be part of history.

Sure, 90% attending tonight's MAGA rally are doing just that; to support Trump's message and to be part of history in our tiny neck of the woods. Other's might be there to simply people watch, while the rest are there to protest, peacefully or otherwise.

**Editors Note: I apologize to anyone who may have taken that last line out of context. It was never my intent to suggest that protesting is pointless, annoying or otherwise. To anyone that knows me personally, you would know I respect everyone's opinion, regardless if it aligns with my own personal beliefs or not. To anyone who took offense, please know that was not the point I was going for, especially if you read the rest of my message in this article. It was poorly written and I'm sorry.

I type this asking everyone to please respect those whose opinions don't exactly match yours. It shouldn't matter if you're Left, or Right. Red or Blue. People will be traveling near and far to either cheer or boo our President, but as a city, we need to do our best to not let any negative press be front and center tomorrow.

Imagine for a second if The Today Show opens tomorrow with news of the rally, followed by extreme protesting, and/or fights, fires or otherwise? Wouldn't you be embarrassed to see that come out of our state, out of your town? I know I would.

So please, as you make you navigate around town to either join the rally, or avoid it like the plague, just remember to be respectful to each other and know that it'll all be gone before we know it.

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