And I was a part of it.

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I couldn't help but notice all the St. Patrick's day stories and pictures shared from my friends and family over the holiday weekend. However, I stumbled across an interesting story from MPR News that says Bemidji could be flirting with a new world record for one, if not the shortest St. Patrick's Day parades ever...

According to the article it lasted all of five minutes, and involved about 400 people as patrons from near and far walked 78 steps from one neighborhood bar to another. But I'm here to tell you that a couple years ago, we had our own mini-parade here in Rochester that could possibly rival the one that just happened in northern Minnesota.

Nearly four dozen men, women and children met down at our studios to be part of the first-annual "Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade in Rochester." Decked out in green and some wearing funny hats, glasses and other St. Paddy's Day apparel, we made the two-block walk from the studio to Dooley's Pub - with Grand Marshall, and former Quick Country Morning Show host Alan Reed leading the pack!

Check out our short video of the entire parade below:

Our numbers weren't as big as Bemidji's crowd, but the length and our steps from our studios to Dooley's front door are arguably close to 75-80. Did we have the shortest? Maybe, maybe not... but we should definitely be recognized in the conversation.

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