The University of Minnesota dance team is incredible! They performed the most insane jazz routine at nationals last weekend to Aerosmith's 'Dream On'. It was so jaw-dropping that the video of the routine has now gone viral.

University of Minnesota's Dance Team Performance 2024

If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and hit play:

I literally get chills when I watch this routine. I'm a dancer myself, I was on my college's dance team, and holy cow is this impressive.

Did the University of Minnesota Dance Team Win?

Obviously, something everyone who watched the video wants to know is if they won the national competition. They had to have, right?

Surprisingly enough, they took home second place in jazz for that 'Dream On' routine. They did, however, get first place with their Pom routine which is their 22nd national championship. Yep, TWENTY SECOND!

The Ohio State dance team's jazz performance pulled out the win over the U of M by half a point. That's how tight the competition was.

Here's the Ohio State routine that got them first place in jazz:

Aerosmith Responds to University of Minnesota's Dance Routine

People that we hadn't heard from regarding the U of M's routine, though, were the artists of the song, Aerosmith! But just the other day they posted on Instagram about it saying "DANCE On" and tagged the U of M dance team.

I think it's safe to say that they loved the routine too.

I love all of the attention the world of dance is getting because of this performance. It's well-deserved attention, too. As a former dancer, it's so cool to see non-dancers get excited about a performance!

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