Unable to find and secure a venue this year is the main reason for the suspension of the event.

The rumors are indeed true, Supernight 2018 is canceled. The event had been scheduled this year for March 2-3. Here's what Executive Director Gary Kadansky had to say via his personal Facebook page:

According to the Rochester Area Youth for Christ website, the popular yearly overnight event will be taking a year off. Thankfully, it will be just a one year hiatus as Kadansky explains it will return next year.

For those not familiar with Supernight, it's an all night event where High School and Middle School students from across the region come together to partake fun exercises, games and enjoy food with friends until the sun comes up.

Supernight bounces all around Rochester, making stops at Rochester Recreation Center, Bowlocity, Colonial Lanes and finally the Rochester Athletic Club. However, the RAC recently changed its policy about hosting overnight events, leaving Supernight without a home base.

According to the Answer Man in Rochester's Post Bulletin, Supernight typically draws about 800 teenagers, with nearly 70 volunteers to stage and shuttle all the teens to the four different locations mentioned above for entertainment.

Knowing Gary personally, I know this is just eating him up inside because he's always been someone who puts the children first. You can bet that after the hiccup this year, next year's Supernight will come back bigger and better than ever.

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