Other than the obvious getting rid of the stale air and the bug that's been going around this winter, there are many benefits to spring cleaning. You don't have to feel bad for skipping the gym to get after the housework. You can actually burn a ton of calories with your deep clean according to Shape Magazine. I'm talking hundreds of calories. Add these things to your checklist:

  • Vacuuming - 30 minutes = 119 calories
  • Sweeping - 30 minutes = 136 calories
  • Mopping - One hour = 153 calories
  • Scrubbing the tub - Just 15 minutes = more than 90 calories. Not to mention, a killer arm workout!
  • Cleaning windows - 30 minutes = 167 calories
  • Fresh coat of paint - 30 minutes =167 calories
  • Moving furniture - 15 minutes = 100 calories (and even more if you have to move it up or down stairs)
  • Washing the car - Scrub it by hand = 153 calories

In other words, a clean house equals a more happy AND healthy YOU!

The results are from Shape Magazine, and are based on a woman around 150 pounds.

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