In Minnesota, it's illegal to have an open alcoholic beverage while walking around in public. However, it's totally LEGAL to do that in one particular Minnesota city.

This was first allowed last summer, in 2023, and it sounds like it was a big success. So this summer, they're allowing public drinking to be legal once again in one area of this Minnesota city. It's called a 'social district'.

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What is a 'Social District'?

A 'social district' is defined as:

"a specific area which allows people to purchase and drink beer, wine, or a cocktail from a licensed business and walk through a defined area of the city including public spaces such as a sidewalk or street to allows for participation in a district event/activity."

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In 2022, this city was allowed to start making plans for a social district. They worked closely with State Representative Zack Stephenson, according to their website, to get this going last summer.

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The goal was for this to be a pilot program. The city would implement a 'social district' and report back to the state. If the pilot program continues to go well, I would imagine we'll start to see more of these pop up around Minnesota.

Where it's Legal to Have an Open Adult Beverage in Minnesota

The one state where a 'social district' has been permitted is in Anoka.

They have particular businesses in their 'social district' that have applied and have been approved to participate in selling adult beverages to be taken outside of their business.

Once you grab your drink, you can head out to the sidewalk to walk to the next spot, you can go to the park that's within the 'social district' boundary, or if there's an event going on you can go hang out at that, drink in hand.

According to the Star Tribune, the 'social district' is even bigger this year.

City of Anoka
City of Anoka

There are some businesses in the 'social district' that are not selling drinks that can be brought outside but they're ok with outside drinks being brought in. So how can you tell which business is which? There will be correlating stickers!

City of Anoka
City of Anoka

I didn't check out the 'social district' last year, but I kind of want to see how it is this summer!

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