There's a Minnesota couple out there who needs our help. They met this particular woman a few days ago and now they're trying to find her again. Let's see if we can do anything for them!

As the woman who shared the story on Facebook wrote, it's a long shot, but let's try our luck. Who knows, maybe the person they're looking for is reading this story.

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Minnesota Couple Looking for Woman from Minnehaha Falls

I found this couple's story on the Facebook group It's a Minnesota Thing. The woman's name is Chela and she and her boyfriend were out at Minnehaha Falls last weekend, on Saturday, June 8th.


They were enjoying their time together when her boyfriend surprised her and proposed!

Afterward, a woman they didn't know came up to them and said she saw the whole thing and was able to snap some pictures for them, which is such a nice gesture. Chela gave the woman her phone number so she could get the pictures.

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The only problem is that they never got the pictures. She writes, "we think she entered our phone number in wrong because we never got them."

That's where we come in!

How We Can Help

The couple is hoping that somehow they can find this woman and get the pictures from her to remember the moment. They could be someone who frequents Minnehaha Falls or they could be someone who loves to take pictures and is in a photography Facebook group of some kind.

Below I'll share the post from Chela, which includes a picture of her and her now fiance from that day in case anyone recognizes them.

Chela Latch, Facebook, It's a Minnesota Thing
Chela Latch, Facebook, It's a Minnesota Thing

I really hope they're able to find this woman who was kind enough to take pictures and be able to have the photos themselves.

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