There had been rumors circulating for weeks that the business might be closing, but now it seems those were correct.

Credit: The Freight Yard via Facebook
Credit: The Freight Yard via Facebook

Raising a family doesn't grant me the kind of socializing I once enjoyed, but when my wife and I did get out, we liked to hit up the Freight Yard from time to time. The food was good and fairly priced, plus I thought they had one of the best old-fashioned's in town... but now I'll have to find a new hangout because according to Jeff Kiger at the Post-Bulletin, they've officially closed up shop.

This particular spot has gone through a number of transformations since 2006, when it was a Holiday gas station. In fact, when I first moved to town in '05, that's where I would always stop to get my bread and milk. Whether it's just a bad location, or bad luck, you hope something can sustain some kind of life there for more than a couple years whenever the next business opens there. Just a real shame.

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