It's a hot topic right now. People do not want to see the Corn Cob Water Tower go. I get it, it's a Rochester staple. It has been named one of the most unique water towers in the world - yes, the world!

In case you missed it, rumors are swirling that the Corn Cob Tower may not survive the shut down of its current home, Seneca Foods. Seneca hasn't announced any official plans, but selling is probably a good bet. So what will happen to the iconic tower if a new owner takes over?

Earlier this week, we shared that the owners of Olive Juice Photography had started a letter-writing campaign to help the city's Heritage Preservation Commission save the tower. They aren't the only Rochester company attempting to save the tower. Canvas and Chardonnay has also stepped in.

On Wednesday, you can paint the Corn Cob Tower. They also encourage you to bring cans of corn to donate (for Channel One) and your favorite Cob stories to be documented and sent to City Council!

Rome has the Colosseum, Paris the Eiffel Tower, Berlin the Brandenburg Gate. Rochester? We have the Cob Tower. A quirky beacon lighting the sky, announcing to the world that not all residents of this fair city are physicians. - Chad Allen, Rochester Art Heads

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