In the last year, several Rochester restaurants have closed their doors, including O'Neills Pizza, Lost Cajun, El Loro, and Whiskey Creek. Now, another officially closed over the weekend. Here are the details. 

Rochester says farewell to Old Country Buffet.

According to KTTC, "On Sunday, a U-Haul was clearing out furniture, and signs had been plastered on the windows, saying the restaurant was closed. Just last month, 74 Old Country Buffet restaurants and related restaurants, including several in the Twin Cities, closed up shop, while the Rochester Old Country Buffet held its own."

"The owner of Old Country Buffet, Fire Mountain and several other restaurant chains filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday," according to a story in USA Today.

With all the growth here in town, it is amazing to see so many places closing up these days. What do you think of this latest restaurant closing? Did you ever go there? What did you think of the food?

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