This is the second restaurant to fail at this location within the last calendar year.

According to the Rochester Post-Bulletin's Jeff Kiger, another Rochester restaurant has closed its doors. Seems like only yesterday when Tinn's opened their newest location inside the old Lost Cajun restaurant along south Broadway. Turns out, it couldn't even make it a full year.

Patrons as early as Sunday started noticing this sign taped on the front door:

Credit: Jeff Kiger Post Bulletin
Photo Credit: Jeff Kiger Post-Bulletin

No word yet on why they closed their doors, but as the sign says, they still have three other locations in Rochester:

  • 3462 55th Street, Rochester
  • 100 1st Ave SW., Skyway Level, First Ave. Food Court
  • 1219 2nd St. SW, Rochester

What do you think: Are three Tinn’s enough in town or do you wish they could have kept this location open?

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