For those of you (like my wife) that have been waiting for this restaurant to open a location closer to the south side of Rochester, it's coming. Tinn's is opening a new location. It's going in at the old Lost Cajun spot at 2025 S. Broadway. This one will be called 'Tinn's Subs, Wings and Beer.'

In terms of their menu, it's gonna rock. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for updates.

This is the fifth Tinn's location to open in Rochester. They already have four other locations:

  • 3462 55th Street, Rochester
  • 100 1st Ave SW., Skyway Level, First Ave. Food Court
  • 101 North Broadway
  • 1219 2nd St. SW, Rochester

Overall, it looks like this will be more like a Tinn's on steroids, with more food and much more seating. Oh, and did we mention they'll serve beer? Well, just in case, they'll serve beer! Yep, beer. Got it?

What do you think? Glad to have another Tinn's in town?

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