Rochester is a great city for biking. I spend a lot of time on the city's more than 80-miles of trails and I know a lot of people that commute downtown to get to work. If you bike, this is good info to know.

Sgt. Troy Christianson from the Minnesota State Patrol says that Minnesota law does address bicycles at traffic lights. He said riders must stop but have the option of proceeding through the intersection when a signal change does not occur. But only if these five conditions are met:

  • The bicycle has come to a complete stop.
  • The traffic-control signal remains red for an unreasonable time.
  • The traffic-control signal is apparently malfunctioning or, if programmed to change to a green light only after detecting the approach of a motor vehicle, the signal has apparently failed to detect the bicycle.
  • No vehicle or person is approaching the roadway to be crossed or entered.
  • Approaching vehicles or persons are so distant that they do not constitute an immediate hazard.

Please be careful. Come to a complete stop and check your surroundings before continuing.

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