If you were to ask me to name a few things that I’m looking forward to in the future, driverless cars would definitely be one of them. How great would it be to just read a book or watch a video on your phone every morning on your way to work? I am fully on board with that. While we’re probably years away from this becoming a mainstream thing, driverless vehicles are currently being tested in other parts of the country. The big question, though, is how driverless cars would be able to handle a typical Minnesota winter. I feel like I barely can sometimes, so it’s a tricky proposition.

That’s why it’s interesting that the Minnesota Department of Transportation is apparently testing out a driverless bus to see how it can handle our icy, snowy roads. A French company called EasyMile, which manufactures driverless buses, is teaming up with 3M to adapt to our weather conditions.

If everything works out, this technology could be on display around Nicollet Mall when Minneapolis hosts the Super Bowl next year. It could be an early look at Minnesota's public transportation of the future. I think this is pretty cool, but I’d definitely be a little skeptical about boarding a driverless bus when the technology seems to be in the very early stages. How about you?

Source: KTTC

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