Winter tires use special rubber compounds which give them grip and improved braking, even in extreme conditions.

I have lived in Minnesota for nearly ten years and have never purchased a set of winter tires. Snow tires or winter tires generally cost between $100- $200 each before installation. Are they worth it? Are they even necessary?

It depends on who you ask.

Nick from Isles Auto Repair told WCCO, “I’m not a big fan of snow tires. I think an all-season tire on every car is just fine.” But some mechanics are fans of winter tires, especially for people who spend a lot of time driving. In that same article, Joy Kokaisel from Norm's Tire Sales, said that anyone who spends a lot of time driving everyday should have them installed.

A Consumer Reports test found snow tires are 40% better when it comes to snow traction and 15% better in ice braking, but almost 20% worse when to comes to stopping on rainy or dry roads.

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