Christmas is here! Which also means the holiday break from school for kids is here too! Yeah! Without a doubt you'll be hearing "Mom/Dad, I'm bored." very soon. If you want to avoid that repeated phrase here's some ideas to keep your kids occupied and productive.



Outside ideas


An Alternative View Of Birmingham's Christmas Market
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1. Do some winter science experiments. Now is the prime time to take advantage of the snow and do some winter science experiments.Watch ice grow, melt or create crystal formations.

2. Visit the Ice Castles in Stillwater, Minnesota. You can tour these gorgeous ice structures. Just remember to wear good walking boots.

3. Find a good spot to go sledding in Rochester. There's several good spots across the city. Pack a thermo of hot cocoa and you're set.

Indoor ideas


Emma McIntyre
Emma McIntyre

1. Netflix binge "Fuller House" (it's so good and great for the entire family!)

2. Download the "Pinterest" app and find new recipes to make together.

3. Have a camping party. Throw up a tent and make some s'mores!

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