The holidays can cost a ton of money! WalletHub did an interesting study to figure out the average holiday budget for residents in the top 570 cities across the US. Rochester's average holiday budget was calculated but we also got to find out which Minnesota city has one of the largets holiday budgets in the country.

Plymouth is in the top 20. Actually, they're number 20! The average holiday spending that residents of Plymouth can afford, according to WalletHub is $2,142.

Rochester came in at number 110, not quite the top 20, with our average holiday budget coming to $1,111. Do you usually spend this much over the holidays?

How did WalletHub figure out this list? WalletHub said they "calculated the maximum holiday budget for each of 570 U.S. cities using five key characteristics of the population, such as income, age and savings-to-monthly expenses ratio."

Here are the top 10 cities around the US that have the highest holiday spending budget:

1. Palo Alto, CA ($3,160)

2. Sunnyvale, CA ($2,971)

3. Flower Mound, TX ($2,937)

4. Newton, MA ($2,888)

5. Mountain View, CA ($2,877)

6. Frisco, TX ($2,836)

7. The Woodlands, TX ($2,833)

8. Carmel, IN ($2,632)

9. Naperville, IL ($2,566)

10. Milpitas, CA ($2,549)

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