In 2010 Minnesota Monthly wrote a piece honoring the best BBQ in Minnesota. The writer raved about the joint which will soon be opening in Byron. 

He wrote, "I ordered a rack of pork ribs. They came, and at the first bite it was as if the heavens parted and golden sunbeams came to alight on my plate, my hearing stopped working and the world fell away: Whoa, those are some ribs! Tender, intense, custardy, but weighty, preserving just a bit of al dente chew while also falling off the bone in sheets of tender spice."

That's quite the review. If you've ever had Bob's Smoke Stack Ribs, you probably feel the same way. It's really good BBQ.

Bob's is opening in early 2018, in the building that use to be Second Street Pizza, in Byron.

You can follow them on Facebook for updates on the new location and additional information.

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