The best part of waking up...

People having been spiking their coffee with Bailey's, Kahlua and Irish Whiskey forever, so it should come as no surprise that alcohol-infused-coffee is a new trend.

According to, "Each can of Bad Larry’s will contain 180 milligrams of caffeine, plus 19 grams of sugar. The 6 percent ABV beverage will be sold in packs of four, and the company is already developing two new flavored varieties."

Look for Bad Larry's Cold Brew in a liquor store near you soon. reports cans of 'Bad Larry's' will hit liquor stores this May. No word on how much a four-pack will set you back.

The alcohol-infused-coffee will only be available in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

If you love spiking your coffee you need to check out Caribou Coffees alcohol bar the next time you head up to a Vikings game. Their drinks are pretty spendy but sound delicious.

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