This banana cream pie isn't just any pie. It has special meaning now! Tonight, after I got the pizza, I knew I needed to get breakfast items and some milk for the kids. I, of course, piled everything in my arms: donuts, Kickstarts for me, milk, and other items I kept grabbing things as I walked to the front. I refused to get a basket  Two lovely young women were in front of me and they also had their arms full. I joked with them about that and the one woman quipped that it controlled the amount of things she bought. I agreed (but obviously failed miserably) as I was trying to not let things fall out of my arms.

Then she said, "Actually, I'm going to get a banana cream pie, too!" And we all laughed and then I was like "I'm going to get one, too!"

So here's what's really awesome. The woman in front of us, after she checked out, went over to the area where the banana cream pies were and brought one over to the other woman so she didn't have to leave her items. The first woman left as the woman in front of me purchased her items and yummy pie. As she was leaving and I was dumping everything on the counter SHE went over and picked up a pie for me, too!

Neither of these woman had to do any of this. They could have just got their stuff and left. But instead, they each performed a small act of kindness for the next person. That simple act of kindness and fun, laughing interaction totally made my day. Tanya ended up recognizing me and we connected on Facebook! She was the one in front of me. Now I want to know who the other kind woman was!

I'm going to smile every time I eat banana cream pie now.

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