Have we ever seen anything like this near Rochester before? It looks like this guy was lost!

I was browsing Facebook yesterday when I noticed A TON of comments, likes and shares surrounding a post about a bear in Schley, Iowa - only a little over an hour away from us Rochester.

Eric Reicks (author of the post) explained, "Finishing up last few rows of corn, Dad called said there's something ahead of me. Never would of guessed it to be a bear! Glad I wasn't too far from the tractor." He also took some amazing photos of what he discovered!

It looks like this guy was just trying to prepare his winter home! The bear is safe, and has moved on from the Iowa farm where it was discovered.

You're probably wondering if you'll run into this guy (or girl?) anytime soon - or, any of their friends! The chances of that are actually pretty slim, according to the Minnesota DNR. They explain, "They are found mainly in the northern third of Minnesota, but range as far south as the interface between the forest and agricultural zones, where they utilize corn and other crops for subsistence." So, you might - but it'd be rare.

Cornfields are not their first preference!

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