Bella Thorne is allegedly the reason OnlyFans changed their system for all content creators after she labeled PPV (pay-per-view) photos of her wearing lingerie as completely nude.

The former Disney Channel star made headlines this past week for making $1 million on the platform in 24 hours and $2 million in just under a week.

The platform has seen major changes for its content creators in the last week, when Thorne became active. Creators now have to wait 30 days for a payout, fans can only give a maximum of a $100 tip and the max post price has now been dropped to $50.

The primary OnlyFans creators are sex workers, who have managed to secure their jobs throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with the platform. Now, content creators say they will not see their next paycheck until October. The new rules also give their fans a limit of what they can tip and restrict creators with a frustrating price cap per post.

Many OnlyFans content creators are blaming Thorne for the new rules due to her large sales and for misuse of the platform. Thorne allegedly labeled private message photos as fully nude when they were not fully nude. She reportedly charged $200 for the private message photos. Fans who purchased her PPV content have asked OnlyFans for their money back since they did not get what they purchased.

See the reactions, below.

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