Rumors started swirling around Facebook earlier this week. Post after post about one of Rochester's longtime pizza joints, Valentino's Pizza Pub, closing up shop. I spoke with someone that worked there and he tells me that the rumors, unfortunately, are true. Sunday, March 15 will be their last day in business.

Here's how people are reacting on Facebook:

  • Lindy H: "What?? My favorite pizza in Rochester!!"
  • Austin P: "da**.... end of an era."
  • Miss-Alyss G: "Nooooooo!!! We love that place."
  • Laura L: "Noooooooo. 😭😭😭 wish I lived in town so I could grab one last slice!"
  • Brittany S: "We go there all the time, my son is going to be devastated!"
  • Teena P: "NOOOOO 😔 Where on earth am I suppose to get cream cheese pizza? 😩 So sad! I could be wrong, but I feel like Valentino’s is a Rochester staple"
  • Brianna K: "So sad!!!!!!! so so many memories there!!!!"
Valentino's Pizza Closing Rochester mn
Samm Adams

Valentino's is located on Elton Hills Drive in Northwest Rochester. The restaurant is closing due to the retirement of the store manager and the lease ending, according to a an email we received from Valentino's Executive Vice President Mike Alesio. Valentino’s Pizza Pub in Rochester has been a community favorite for more than two decades. “We are extremely honored to have served the Rochester community for 25 years. We want to thank all of our great customers and employees who have been part of this successful location,” said Alesio. “Valentino’s has been a community favorite in Rochester because of our family recipes, quality ingredients, and reasonable prices.”

While Valentino's is closing this location as a corporate store, there are franchise opportunities available in the Rochester area.  “Valentino’s has built an excellent reputation in Rochester for award-winning pizza. Our hope is that someone will continue that reputation as a franchise owner,” says Alesio. Those interested should contact Alesio at Valentino’s Corporate office at 402-434-9380 or via email at

In other restaurant news: Rochester West Circle Hy-Vee Market Grill Is Switching To a Wahlburgers. Click here to learn more.

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