You might be asking yourself "what's a benefit crasher?" I did too when I first got wind of this story.

To understand how kind this group of people really are, you should know that "benefit crashers" are folks who just want to spread kindness. Yep - it's literally a large group of people who want to show up to benefits for those in need. They show up and spread the love!

Over the weekend, young Gabby Brown (a leukemia patient) and her family got the surprise of her life at her pancake breakfast benefit. A bus full of "benefit crashers" pulled in to Fillmore Central Elementary School to show their support!

Benefit Crashers via Facebook
Benefit Crashers via Facebook

"Crasher" Laura Hendrickson noted in the group Facebook page, "The superintendent was even there flipping pancakes in one of the 5 rooms where pancakes were being made! We met Matt, Gabby's dad at the door and told him that we had learned about his daughter's story from his friend Joe from Chicago who invited us to surprise him at the benefit."

I'm positive that Gabby and her family got a huge morale boost with this.

How cool is this idea!?? Would you be brave enough to be a benefit crasher?

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