First of all, I want this guys job: eating 9 Juicy Lucy's in 9 hours? Don't mind if I do!

Bon Appétit's web editor, Alex Delany, took a trip to the Twin Cities to determine which restaurant serves up the best Juicy Lucy.

You might be wondering "What the heck does a fancy magazine know about the messy goodness that is the Juicy Lucy?" Apparently a lot!

Alex knew exactly what he was looking for before even eating the first Juicy Lucy of the day. In their YouTube video, Alex says that the perfect Juicy Lucy has a simple and soft bun that's maybe even a little toasted, 2 thin patties perfectly hard seared and well seasoned with melty American cheese in the middle (nothing fancy!) that runs when you take a bite. Also, the bun to meat to cheese ratio needs to be pretty even. Yeah, this guy seems to know what he's talking about.

But then it came to the tasting and how he ranked each restaurant, and that's when I started to question his credibility.

He tried a Juicy Lucy at The 5-8 Bar, The Nook, The Blue Door Pub, Groveland Tap, Peppers & Fries, Hell’s Kitchen, 508 Bar and Restaurant, Crooked Pint, and the one and only inventors of the Juicy Lucy, Matt's Bar.

This is where things get controversial: Alex's top 3 Juicy Lucy's:

3rd: Groveland Tap

2nd: Matt's Bar

1st: The Nook

WHAT?! How do you eat the original Juicy Lucy and not rank it number 1? They're the ones that started it, wouldn't that mean they've perfected it?


If you want to watch it all unfold, check out Bon Appétit's video:



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