The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning consumers in our area to be on high alert!

The consumer protection agency is warning about the possibility of flood damaged vehicles from Texas, Florida and other hurricane stricken areas in the southeast. Protect yourself by checking the title information and researching the car's history before making a purchase.

Susan Adams Loyd, President of the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota, says:"Car shoppers should always be fully informed before making a purchase. Past experience tells us some cars affected by recent hurricane and flooding activity will be on the market after being restored."

These vehicles should always come with a salvage title that explains that the vehicle has been damaged or deemed as a total loss. You might be tempted by the great deal you can get on a car with a salvage title but there are several risks and problems with most of these vehicles.

An easy way to check the vehicle history is using CARFAX or by visiting the website,




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