I love chain restaurants as much as the next gal, but let's be real, there is something so much more exciting about having a locally owned and completely unique place moving in. Zach Ohly, a Rochester native has built a team, made up of his wife and other well known Rochester restaurant people to bring us an all-new experience. It's called Cameo at the Castle. That's right, Cameo will be moving into the former Senior Center as part of a new project - Castle Community.

Cameo will have an open kitchen so guests can see the action. Food-wise, the flavors of Cameo will be influenced by cultures around the world with a Midwest flair. Zach tells me you'll see everything from Mexican Street Tacos, Japanese Dumplings, Chicken Schnitzel, Steaks, Fresh Fish, and much, much more.

You can expect amazing drinks because Aynsley is back! The man behind the incredibly successful Doggery has teamed up with the Ohlys to bring an intricate drink menu to Cameo. Other than cocktails, they will also have wine and a rotation of 6 local beers on tap at all times.

And to think all of this amazingness that is Cameo restaurant is just the first floor of the Castle Community!

Moving up to the second level - the community space where you'll find a yoga studio, a bookstore, a coffee shop, art supplies shop, podcast booth, plus 5 rentable artist studio spaces. --But wait, there's more!--

Heading up to the third-floor boom, a performance space! They will be able to host several events but will focus mainly on concerts, weddings, and banquets. The space can hold up to 500 people for a concert or 250 people for sit down dinners. Zach says, they will have a state of the art sound and light system that will compete with Minneapolis in terms of shows offered and quality of acts.

Here's an inside peek at the progress:

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