Whether she's tossing her wild mane of hair onstage, or pulling silly faces during promotional events, Camila Cabello is the the queen of being extra.

Case in point: In March, while she was going through the airport security checkpoint at LAX, the former Fifth Harmony star reacted to a paparazzi taking photos by posing like she was serving looks for a Vogue cover shoot.

When Camilizers pointed her glamorous antics out on Twitter, Cabello responded, "When life throws [you] lemons, make lemonade... If they're taking pictures, might as well do a photo shoot!"

But LAX is hardly the only place Cabello has done the absolute most: You can find the pop star going the extra mile at award shows, autograph signings, during concerts and backstage.

Below, check out 29 photos that prove the "Havana" singer is just too much—in a good way. (Plus, check out 15 of the singer's most memorable music video looks!)

Photos That Prove Camila Cabello Is Extra (in a Good Way)

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