This could be a game changer to even the most casual drinker who still gets that annoying headache the morning after.

Let's face it: Hangovers are the WORST.

Being 36, I certainly haven't figured out the secret on how to prevent them. I feel like I've tried everything, including taking aspirin before bed to try and dodge any lingering affects from the night before.

And yes, I realize the easiest way to avoid one is to not drink at all... But let's not change the subject.

Apparently there's a new iPhone app to help prevent hangovers by reminding you to regularly hydrate, called Hydrate Now.

Getty Images
Getty Images

You can get it FREE from the App Store, and enable notifications before your next night out. It's super easy: Just tap the home screen when the party begins, and input how much water you need to be reminded to drink. (The app doesn't tell you the right amount to drink — so it's up to you to make that decision.)

Depending on your selection between 1-5 ('1' will ping you every 100 minutes, while '5' will hit you up every 20 minutes) you can decide on what to do.

I haven't tried this myself yet, but I plan to put it to the test in two weeks when I attend one of my best friend's weddings so I'll let you know then if this app is worth it!

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