In Minnesota, we often approach winter with a slight sense of dread. It’s definitely not fun when you step outside and feel like thousands of Ice Bees are stinging your face. I also don’t like having to use an ice scraper on my windshield, the sky being pitch black at 4PM, driving on ice…

…Wait, hang on. Do you see what I’m doing? It’s so easy to be negative about the winters up north. But that’s not what this article is about. Instead, I want to point out all the things about our winters that don’t suck. I asked a bunch of people around Rochester to share their ideas, but first, here are a few of my own.

You Can Secretly Wear Pajamas At Work

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

The best way to deal with a cold winter is to just lean into it. If you know it’s going to be cold, why needlessly suffer? That’s why I highly recommend wearing pajamas underneath your work clothes. For one thing, you feel like you’re getting away with something. It’s like you’re the world’s laziest superhero. I tuck my soft pajama bottoms into a pair of wool socks, put on some jeans, and I’m comfortable all day long. It's basically a Pants Mullet. And a fringe benefit of doing this is that my legs look ripped. In January, ever day is Leg Day, brah.

Soup Tastes REALLY Good

Outside of winter, the only time I’ll eat ever soup is if it comes with my entrée or if I’m feeling like microwaved dog poo. Other than that, I’m not really a soup guy. But when it’s -20 degrees outside? Oh, baby. Soup me up real good.

I Am Less Terrible At Small Talk

For as long as I can remember, I’ve constantly struggled at making small talk. So many awkward pauses as I nod my head, smiling, desperately thinking of what to say. But when it’s winter, I can talk about the weather for at least three minutes until the other person gets bored and wants to end the conversation. I can't do that in the summer. "It sure is nice out! Dot dot dot."

But what are the people of Rochester saying? I'm glad you asked!

Timothy H: “Buying meat on your way TO work and being able to leave it in your car without it spoiling.”

Jana P: “It’s so quiet after a good snow fall. So peaceful.”

Ryan Q: “I can cool my beer in the garage.”

Mike D: “Another vote for ice fishing!”

Lynn B: “The clean, crisp, refreshing feel of lungs full of 30 below air.”

Karrie G: “No mosquitos.”

Toby S: “You can pick your nose and when you try to flick it out the window while driving, it does not stick to your finger, it just flicks right off!” (Jordan: REALLY hope you don’t drive for Lyft or Uber)

Jon L: “Hiking in Oxbow Park.”

Tyler G: “Hiking in a state park after a fresh snow on a full moon, without flashlights.”

Chris N: “Using my snow blower. Yes, I actually like it.”

Jennifer K: “Snowmobiles!!!!”

Wes K: “Hot chocolate.”

Kristy M: “Outdoor ice skating!”

Danielle M: “Snowball fights!”

Dough B: “Having a man flu and watching my wife shovel the driveway.” (Jordan: R.I.P. Dough)

Am I right? Winter ain’t so bad. It’s all about having the right attitude. Except for wind chill. That definitely sucks.



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