I can't believe we still don't know the answer to the question we've all been asking all season long! But then again, maybe that was the trick all along to keep us tuning in every week?


In one of the best new shows to hit network television in the last couple years, "This Is Us" took viewers by storm with bombshell after bombshell in their first couple episodes.

From discovering how "The Big 3" came to be, to the shock that Rebecca isn't with Jack anymore, (but with Jack's best friend Miguel?)... to the realization that Jack is somehow DEAD!?

That's a lot to take in no matter what show you're watching.

But after a full season of teasing "How does Jack die?", the finale not only dodged that question, it reopened the story-line of Jack's drinking habits and how bad does it really get before he dies?

So while I didn't "hate" the season finale, I didn't exactly like it either. I was more or less disappointed we didn't find out about Jack, which seems to be the consensus of every body else out there too.

So since the finale felt more like a whole new beginning rather than a normal cliffhanger (although there were plenty of those too), here are my big questions going into Season 2:

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    If Jack's still not dead, how bad does it get?

    Jack's drinking habits were a big focus at the beginning of the season, and it looked like he buried those demons. That is, until Rebecca got her 'big break' and wanted to travel with her ex-boyfriend's band.

    We should have known better with all the twists and turns during the inaugural season there was a chance we wouldn't find out what killed Jack Pearson at season's end, but that doesn't mean I don't like it.

    So is it a drunk driving incident? Liver failure from hitting the bottle too hard? Or does that poker game finally come back to haunt him?

    It was pointed out on my wall that maybe the writers caught the proverbial lightning in a bottle, and don't know where to go with the story next? I hope not, but I can't see Jack's renewed love for Rebecca being the entire focus going into Season 2. It sounds cruel to type, but he's gotta die sooner than later.

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    Will Kevin ever know what he's doing?

    Ohhh Kevin. You play the sympathy card but you always bring it upon yourself... and that's coming from a guy! I can't even imagine what your female fans are saying about you?

    You just got the love of your life Sophie back, and now you take off back to LA where all your troubles there drove you to New York to begin with? Ugh!

    So which is it, Kevin: Bright lights, or the girl of your dreams? I'm guessing there will be a few more bumps in the road between he and his ex-wife, but whether Sophie's willing to wait around for when he finally decides what he wants is a whole other deal.

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    Where did Kate's sudden revelation to sing come from?

    She's the person on the show you cheer hardest for, and now that she revealed she's the reason her dad's dead, you feel for her even more.

    But with all her struggles accepting her weight and her father's death, how is she going to gather the courage to sing in front of an actual audience that's not in a nursing home? Lord knows we'll all be cheering for her along the way, especially when it comes to her relationship with fan favorite Tobey!

  • Frederick M. Brown
    Frederick M. Brown

    A New "Big 3" For Randall?

    It's been no secret how important the idea of family is to Randall. Heck, he retraces every step to one of the wackiest Thanksgivings ever every year as proof. Plus, having finally met his biological father and spending his last remaining days with him has taught him to live each day to its fullest.

    So that's why the bomb he drops on his wife expressing his desire to adopt another child should only shock her because this is just another way for him to live out his father Jack's legacy. Having his own "Big 3" would only cement that.

    But I guess my only question here is: Will he adopt a boy to add to the mix of women in his house, or will he go the route of adopting a baby who isn't black so that he can raise him or her the same way Jack and Rebecca did with him and showing that love knows no bounds when raising a child?

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