Bring the family and experience the magic of reptiles!

You've heard of swimming with dolphins, but how about taking a dip with alligators? There is a post being shared on social media that promotes the chance to do it right here in Minnesota.

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The social media post was actually a link to a website and when you visit the site, you'll find a welcoming message that invites guests to "bring their family" and claims that this is the only location in the country where swimming with alligators is permitted by law.

Are There Alligators in Minnesota?


According to the Smithsonian's National Zoo: "The American alligator is found in the United States from North Carolina to the Rio Grande in Texas. Alligators are usually found in freshwater, slow-moving rivers. They also live in swamps, marshes, and lakes."

Alligators live around freshwater. Crocodiles live around salt water.

Alligators in Minnesota?


The website that promotes swimming with alligators in Minnesota says La Canne Beach in Winona, Minnesota is famous for having the best variety of American Alligators with more than 500 living there.

Your kids will never forget the magic of feeding an alligator by hand, riding on the back of our albino alligator Prince, or even getting in the water and swimming next to alligators while our friendly trainers chum up the water in a feeding frenzy!


Minnesota Gators in Winona, Minnesota says it is the only licensed Alligator Petting Zoo in the United States. Three different ticket options are listed online.

Not everyone keeps their arms, legs, hands, or feet. That’s part of the excitement of your visit!

The $30 ticket allows guests to "visit our alligator petting zoo, meet the gators, and feed alligators by hand."

The $100 ticket allows guests to "saddle up on a live alligator, and experience the beauty of LaCanne Park."

The $150 ticket allows guests to "get in the water with live alligators and swim while they eat!"

If you're still reading, your B.S. meter should be going off the charts! And, your intuition is 100% correct. This attraction doesn't exist, thankfully.

According to The Winona Post, the website, featuring intentionally over-the-top photoshopped images and hilarious text woven throughout its content, was created back in 2021 as an April Fool's prank by Visit Winona.

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