When you're cleaning out your home of items you don't need anymore, or when you're upgrading some furniture and need a place for the old stuff to go, donating the items is an awesome idea! However, there are some items that just can't be donated.

Habitat for Humanity has ReStore locations all around Minnesota and they accept many different kinds of donations from people like us. But they're not able to accept everything.

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After an incident at the ReStore in Rochester, they re-shared their list of items that they will not accept as donations. This inspired me to create a list for you here of items that you cannot donate.

Enterline Design Services LLC
Enterline Design Services LLC

The Incident

The Two River Habitat for Humanity ReStore shared a photo on their Facebook page the other day of a donation that was dropped off after hours. It was just a bunch of stuff they couldn't accept.

Since it was dropped off after hours, though, they weren't able to give it back to the donor. Now Habitat for Humanity has to pay for the disposal of these items. So instead of using that money to help people, they have to use it to dispose of this stuff.

Items that Habitat Humanity's ReStore Won't Accept

If you're wanting to make a donation to the ReStore in either Rochester or Winona, there are some times to keep in mind that they do not take.

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One thing to note is that each ReStore is a little different so for example the Rochester location has more items that they do not accept than the Winona store.

These 13 items, however, are valid for both the Rochester and Winona ReStores. I'll put the full list of not accepted items for the Rochester location below.



Mattress that supported you to sleep well all night isolated
lindo12345, Thinkstock

Infant furniture

Florescent light fixtures or bulbs

Pressboard/particle board furniture

Partial cans of paint

Paint bucket and brush on table

Exercise equipment

Entertainment centers


Household chemicals

House cleaning product on wood table

Medical equipment

Unframed or broken mirrors

Anything damaged, dated, dirty, or likely to not resell

Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity ReStore

If you're thinking about donating to Goodwill, too, they also have a list of items that they won't accept.

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