I stumbled on a YouTube video where a famous actor and comedian blasts his trip in Minnesota. The video is titled, "We went to Minnesota and drama ensued as soon as we got off the plane." It sounds like they had a pretty bad time.

Michael Rapaport is someone you've more than likely seen on screen. He's been in films like True Romance, Higher Learning, Cop Land, Deep Blue Sea, and many more. He's been a series regular on several TV shows like Boston Public, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, and Justified. He's been a busy guy over the years. He also hosts the I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast.

He also does standup comedy and posts a bunch of videos on YouTube. Some of his material includes his son Dean Collins. Collins is a former actor who appeared as Mike Gold in the TV Series "The War At Home." Here's Collins and his father years ago, seemingly in a better mood.

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They both appear in this video and both aren't very happy with their Minnesota visit.

Then again, that's their shtick. Rapaport is a New Yorker, and he is definitely not shy about sharing his opinion. Dean starts off complaining about the flight and how it was booked. He's also confused about what the Twin Cities actually are. Milwaukee & Mississippi, really? (This is a joke, right?)

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They go to the hotel to check in for the night. As they describe it the hotel employee looked up at them and asked, "So what are we doing?" This made them rather upset as it should be clear that they were checking in. Rapaport also says she wasn't sure if a room was available, and he said, "Oh you'll find us a room."

The unpleasantness continues as they have a long wait for the hotel's restaurant. When they enter they see a ton of open tables. Obviously, this hotel is having problems with staffing. He said he's not going to name the hotel yet, but "we will see." I know the hotel, Michael. I was there this summer and it wasn't the best experience either. Dean Collins said, "Midwest Hospitality Nice" isn't a thing, and not nearly as good as Southern hospitality. Michael Rapaport agreed.

At points during dinner, Dean Collins says everyone here is weird. He also has no idea about geography because he thinks Milwaukee is in Minnesota. North of Minneapolis? Uffda.

Collins says that after being in Minnesota for one hour, he wants to go right the F*&^ back to L.A. They continue to complain about the weather, and just about everything else.

Right, I get it. That's what you guys do. Unfortunately, there is still some Minnesota Nice in a lot of places across the state. Sorry, you had a bad experience, but to be honest the service industry is in a bit of turmoil right now. Maybe give us a couple of years and come back. Or don't.

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