I know what you're thinking: "You mean the other 364 days of the year aren't National Pizza Day?!" Weird!

Since I know you love pizza as much as I do, I made a point to call up several local joints around Rochester, and this is what I found out:

1) Mr. Pizza North & South: $2 off any L/XL Pizza. They also offer special deals on their Leon's Delight, Blazing Abe, and Tai Chicken pizzas. You can see their entire menu HERE.

2) BB's Pizza: They're having their Frozen Pizza Sale! $7.75 for a large single topping pizza! You can see their entire menu HERE.

3) Valentino's Pizza & Pasta: 2 Large single topping pizzas for $28.69. Visit their site HERE, for more.

4) Zadeo's Pizza: Large single topping for $9.99. Visit their site HERE, for more.

5) Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria: "Pizza Master" Louie has something real special for you today! It's a Caprese Pie with fresh arugula, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with a balsamic glaze for $5 a slice. Check it out below!

Pasquale's Caprese Pizza
Pasquale's Caprese Pizza

ZOMG, that looks delicious! They're the new guys in town, so be sure and give them some love soon. Here's their site.

Now to be completely honest, I was hoping to be blown away by some YUGE bargains today from the national chains... but unfortunately their deals are about as exciting as a plain cheese pizza:

1) 40% Off At Papa John's Pizza. Use code 40PIZZA online and this reduction can be used more than once until March 5, 2017.

2) Domino's Pizza: Large three topping pizzas are $7.99 today.

3) Pizza Hut At 30% Off: There is a catch! You need to order through the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap or Echo Dot. If you have an Alexa-enabled device, simply ask Alexa to order you a pizza until February 17th and you'll score a 30% discount.

4) Little Caesar's $5 Large Pizzas: Check out the five items for $5 menu and you'll see some great offerings for a limited time.

If you need numbers and locations for any of the restaurants in town, just CLICK HERE.

Happy eating!

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