There's a Rochester, Minnesota restaurant that posted an announcement outside of their business saying that they are only doing online orders, at least for now. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this business has had trouble.

I feel like the last time I heard about a business closing the dining room of their restaurant was during the peak of COVID. It's a weird feeling to see an announcement like this again.

The restaurant cites "staffing" as being the reason for going to online orders only and closing their dining room. They don't say if this will be a temporary thing or not but hopefully it is.

If you were hoping to go sit down and eat at the Chipotle South location in Rochester, well, I've got bad news. They're the ones who have gone to online only. I found a picture of the sign on Reddit.

Chipotle South
by u/wholesalersquestions in rochestermn

It's sad because this isn't the first time that I've written about Chipotle South adjusting their business. A little while back my husband and I tried to go get dinner there only to see a sign on their door saying they had limited hours. And they were super limited, we weren't trying to get dinner at, like, 10 PM, I think it was 7 and they were already closed. The Chipotle North location had weird hours at the time too.

Like I said, they don't say that this is permanent so hopefully they're able to get things situated and will be able to reopen the dining room again. This was also the location that had plans for a drive-through. They had announced that it would open by the end of last year but I don't recall ever seeing an official announcement that it had opened.

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